Linger a Little Longer

About This Project

Table and Benches, a deceptively understated design with a dynamic twist. Making entertaining that bit more fun (while also commenting on how ‘precious’ we can become about the functionality of furniture, or how oblivious we can be to every effect we have on our environment) the thermochromic finish of the table and benches responds to the heat of any plate, mug, serving dish or body part placed on it, to leave an ephemeral ‘watermark.’

Reacting once contact with the lacquered surface of the 6-8 seater table reaches 27 degrees, the heat can create all kinds of familiar and fascinating patterns, that retain their interest (or humour factor) also as they fade from transparent back to the deep black finish of the table at room temperature. Working beautifully with the grain of the solid, locally sourced hardwood, these rings, smudges, fingerprints and patterns make this design a talking point.

Furniture, Timber