Pixel – low table

About This Project

The essential elements of digital design meet careful craftsmanship and sensible re-purposing. Out-of-date Corian® samples serve as colourful ‘pixels’ forming on/off abstract and geometric patterns over sustainably sourced birch ply. Reusing the Corian® samples in this way (reclaimable from many a design/kitchen studio or fabricator workshop) makes ingenious use of a strong and non-porous material to create a sleek, easy-care, and colourful nish.

A conventional design that can be customised to clients needs on request.

The surface of the Corian samples shows the original product info, we can remove this if required. We also apply a synthetic “grout” in mid-grey between the tiles, making a easy to clean surface. The hidden faces of the birch ply is finished with a at water bourne lacquer, other finishes available on request.

This product is made to order.

We reserve the right to alter this specifcation if required.

Corian®, Furniture, Recycled